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The information theory of everything (InfToE) is an instrument of full cognition of the universe.

About the site

The site contains an initial statement of InfToE, accompanied by justifications and explanations.

The purpose of the site is to bring the main ideas of InfToE to an undefined range of interested persons.


The Big Impasse

At the time of the initial publication of InfToE, humanity is in the Big Impasse of cognition: it is impossible to move forward from the achieved position. This section examines the causes and manifestations of the Big Impasse.

Information Theory of Everything

This is the central section of the site. Contains the presentation of InfToE on the methodological basis of materialism in the form of three theories:

  • theory of complexity;
  • theory of observations;
  • theory of realization.
InfToE Applications

Some practical results of applying ITB to the consideration of known problems.

Several Articles

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