Information Theory of Everything

The Information theory of everything (InfToE) is a cosmological theory, based on the idea of the universe as a closed information system. The universe is represented by a hierarchical set of observations of entities by entities, which itself are the results of observations. Because observation is only the acquisition of information, and information is a description of something, the universe in InfToE is entirely consist up of information only.

InfToE provides a way out of the Big Impasse.

Structure of the Information Theory of Everything


The methodological basis of InfToE is materialism, refined to meet the requirements for the Theory of everything.

Theory of complexity

In refined materialism, the concept of matter becomes definiteness in the abstraction of the Information continuum (IC). Combining the elements of the IC generates all the complex diversity of entities of the universe.

Theory of observations

The objectivity of the theory of complexity is complemented by the communicative nature of the theory of observation: a pair of these components forms a complete closed Information theory of everything.

Theory of realization

Realization is an applied part of InfToE, representing the transition from abstractions of theory to the forms of the material world that are familiar to us.

Problems to solve

Problems to solve.

The Information theory of everything
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